Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sun Fading dyes and special effect garments

SUN FADING  - Photochrmic dyes on garments

Photo chromic color changes from clear when indoors to color when taken out-doors. The phenomenon produced in Photo chromic materials is called photochromism, where the change in color is due to incident light. Specifically, they exhibit color in response to exposure to sunlight or other source of UV radiation. UV light changes the chemical structure of the photo chromic material and makes it absorb color like a dye. It then reverts to a clear state when the UV source is removed.

However, to date, photochromism is most important for optical switching data and imaging systems, rather than in textile applications.

Application of photo chromic colors on garment:
Now  photo chromic colors are plastisol based ready to use off-white liquid are available in the market. When exposed to UV radiation, color appears. These colors are available in various hues.

Photo chromic colors can be applied on garment by three methods:
•    Spray
•    Brush
•    Screen Print
In all the above methods, photo chromic colors are directly applied on garment and cured at 1500C for 30-90 seconds.

These t-shirts and other garments can change color by wearing or touching them. The heat from your body, hand or the environment makes this clothing change color. Once cooled the fabric changes back to the original color.

The ghost printed  t-shirts have color changing screen prints when exposed to sunlight. The screen print appears as a black and white image with color highlights when indoors but once you go outside into the sun it appears in full color.

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