Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Simple Garment Stone Washing Procedure

This is just a process to abrade the surface of the garments randomly with the help of stones to get different worn-out effects, especially used on denim garments. According to the required severity of effect, the size, amount of stones and the duration of process would change.

Stones Type:
  • pumice rock
  • volcanic rock
  • man-made substrates 
Property of Stones:
    • Hardness of stones
    • Size of stones
    • Shape of stones
    • Porosity of stones
    • Dusting ability of stones
    • large, hard stones which last longer for heavy fabrics
    • smaller, softer stones for lightweight and more delicate fabrics
    • ratio of stone weight to fabric weight = 021 up to 3:l
    1- Load garments and stones ( load to 30-50% of normal machine capacity)
    2- Desize if needed with
    - detergent plus enzyme for starch
    - oxidative desize
    3- Rinse
    4- Stone wash (with or without bleaching agent)
    5- Rinse
    6- Soften
    7- Extract
    8- Unload garments, remove stones from garments
    9- Tumbledry
    a- Backstaining or color deposition can be reduced by a- adding dispersantlsuspension agent to wash cycle
    b- intermediate replacement of wash liquor
    c. use of alkaline detergent (sodium perborate with optical brightener
    as an afterwash

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