Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sanded Finish of Denim Garment

Sanded Denim - fashion of the day!
A sanded finish for denim is achieved through a combination of pumice stones, enzymes and sand; used to create the illusion of aged denim jeans. Although the purpose of this is generally for aesthetics, this process also loosens the fibers in the denim, making the denim fit more comfortably and move more easily. Sanding jeans creates an uneven, worn look, which is ideal for daily casual wear, and also for pairing with solid colors or denim jackets . However, it is very labor intensive to sand finish denim, therefore a pair of jeans that has been sand finished will usually be slightly more expensive than one that has not . It is a necessity to finish denim in order to get a final soft touch. 

Most denims are enzyme washed or stonewashed for an overall softness, however, it is essential to sand-wash, or sandblast, for a more strategically placed worn and frayed finish . The picture on the next page displays what a sand-finished pair of jeans looks like. 

There are many types of finishes for jeans, and sand finishing is just one of the many ways to make denim more aesthetically pleasing the eye. This type of finish became popular around the 1980's, and is still a huge trend today because of it's ability to make jeans look and feel more versatile. Although there are many ways to go about finishing jeans, sanded finishes continue to prove to be a popular choice among consumers throughout the years

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